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Stat Analysis Page:

Stat analysis is the fastest growing component in the development of coaches' and players' skillsets today.

This site will help coaches and players gain knowledge on how to review and incorporate data analysis into their approach to managing and playing the game. Understanding and using stat analysis will be critical for coaches and players to compete effectively going forward.

At younger ages, players' physical size and strength can have an overwhelming impact on achieving positive results on the field but as players age the physical differences begin to average out and the players who have honed their technique, approach, strategy and knowledge of the game will have a more significant impact on their results and excel in the game.

Too much emphasis is placed on batting averages and how hard a pitcher can throw. It is understandable though because most coaches today grew up playing the game with this type of limited focus.

The vast majority of baseball teams spend little time on utilizing stat analysis to improve team and player development. In fact, stat analysis that is used generally results in players moving up, down or out of the batting order rather than reviewing results and implementing drills that focus on the specific composition of the team or individual player circumstances.

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